Frequently Asked Questions


How fast can electric bikes go?

20 mph (32 kph). Legally, any electric bicycle can not move a rider more than 20 mph without pedaling

What is the range on your electric bikes?

Each and every one of our bikes has a 20-40 miles range on a single charge, and the range depends on how much of the motor is being used. Throttle will drain the battery faster than pedal assist. The bikes take around 5 hours to be fully charged.

Why are your bikes so cheap?

It's because we are made up of locally owned small businesses that care more about your riding experience than your wallet. Don't believe us? Come take a ride for yourself! 

What does the LCD screen do?

The LCD Screen is a multi-function tool that lets you change settings and displays information about your trip. It displays your current speed, distance traveled, error codes, battery level, etc. With the help of the buttons on the left handlebar it also allows you to change the level of power you are getting from the motor, change settings, turn on and off the headlight, and even use a walk function to move it up stairs and out of basements while on foot.

Do I need to pay for extra acessories like fenders and racks?

No, our bikes come with all of the customizations included to save you money.

How much does an e-Bike weigh?

Our electric bikes weight from anywhere from 55-75 pounds, but by removing the battery you can reduce the weight by around 7 pounds.

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